Pearl Drops

Cleanse, tone, moisturise...brush!

Make Pearl Drops part of your daily beauty routine

Church & Dwight UK, makers of Pearl Drops, have formulated and re-designed their range of teeth whitening products to allow women of all ages to make oral care a key part of their beauty routine.

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile is a real beauty treatment which can help you get the classically, timelessly beautiful smile of true Hollywood style. Brushing with this product twice a day for three weeks can transform and whiten your teeth by up to four shades! To maintain this effect keep using it two-to-three times a week on top of your daily brushing regime, for example with Pearl Drops Every Day White. Repeat the three weeks treatment in full whenever you want to feel at your most beautiful again!

With whitening, there can be a worry that harsh abrasives will damage or weaken your teeth. Pearl Drops has been developed to offer gentle yet effective whitening that's perfectly safe for your enamel and can be used twice or more a day.